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Are you considering a cosmetic procedure? If you’ve done your research and you’re ready to make the call to Dr. Mona Alqulali to get your procedure scheduled, there are a few things you need to do to prep for your consultation. These steps are essential, and we suggest that you keep them in mind so your procedure goes smoothly and you get the results you want! Get ready for your consultation with these tips from Infinity Medical Group.

Talk About Your Allergies. While allergies may not seem significant, letting your doctor know about them can help reduce the risk of an allergic reaction and complications. Be sure to let your provider know if you are allergic to silicone, rubber, latex or acrylates. These substances are often found in surgical dressings and adhesives used in cosmetic procedures.

Be Honest About Your Health, Too. Do you have high blood pressure? A heart condition? Diabetes? Bleeding disorder? Asthma? These medical conditions – and any other medical condition – should be mentioned to your doctor at your cosmetic procedure consultation.

Check Your BMI. Before undergoing any cosmetic procedure, it is a good idea to make sure you are at a healthy weight and BMI. Why does weight and BMI matter? Carrying extra weight can negatively affect anesthesia and could lead to complications during recovery. A BMI of 30 or less is a good goal to reach before your procedure. We suggest eating a healthy diet and working out regularly to achieve a healthy weight before your procedure and maintaining it for at least six months before going under the knife.

Stop Smoking. We’re not going to beat around the bush: Smoking is terrible for your health. It is also bad for any cosmetic procedure results you hope to have. If you’re considering cosmetic surgery, you’re going to have to stop smoking for at least three weeks before and after your procedure.

Get Ready to Get Ready. While many cosmetic procedures do not require you to undergo general anesthesia, knowing what to expect after your procedure can help prepare you for recovery. Being realistic about your recovery will also help you get prepared. You might need to make food or buy snacks, arrange for care for children or pets, and queue up a new Netflix series to binge while you rest.

Schedule a consultation for your cosmetic procedure with Dr. Alqulali by calling 888-716-0559 today.

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