Laser Hair Removal

The Infinity Medical Group offers IPL laser hair removal in addition to our Med Spa skin treatments. The IPL procedure uses an intensely pulsed beam of light passed through the skin to target the dark pigment in hair known as melanin. This laser destroys hair follicles quickly and instantly.

Laser hair removal slows hair regrowth for many patients, but depending on the thickness of your hair, you may require several treatments to experiences extended periods of being hair-free. Some patients experience hair-free periods lasting several months to several years.

Laser hair removal can be almost anywhere on the body, but common treatment areas include the legs, arms, armpits, upper lip and chin, and the bikini area.

Laser hair removal is most successful in patients with dark (brown or black) hair and lighter skin tones. It can also be performed on patients with darker skin tones. It does not work for white, blonde, light brown, or light red hair.

For best results, allow hair to grow for several days before your scheduled laser hair removal appointment, so that hairs are visible but short. Avoid waxing or plucking the area of treatment for at least three weeks before your appointment. Some patients experience side effects of the procedure such as incomplete hair removal, temporary changes in skin pigmentation and skin texture, and in rare cases, blistering or scarring.
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