Obstetrics is the medicine and surgery specialty that focuses on pregnancy and childbirth. OB-GYNs are medical doctors that have completed an additional residency training in pre-pregnancy health, pregnancy, labor and delivery, post-partum care, pregnancy and childbirth-related health issues, genetics and genetic counseling, and infertility testing and treatment.

Dr. Alqulali is also a trained expert in the female reproductive system, and not only takes care of you throughout your pregnancy, but also provides you with access to annual well-woman exams, Pap smears, and other care related to your gynecological health.

Not only does Dr. Alquali provides patients with high-quality, comprehensive obstetrics care, she is also available to answer all questions regarding your pregnancy and delivery. She can also advise you about diet, exercise, and necessary information to have a healthy pregnancy, and how to manage pregnancy symptoms and side effects.

For patient convenience, Infinity Medical Group also does all pregnancy-related routine diagnostic and genetic testing in-house to eliminate the need for extra appointments with outside providers. We also do 3D and 4D ultrasound imaging.

Infinity offers routine obstetric care and high-risk obstetric care for patients with complications due to pregnancy, existing health conditions, and individuals having multiples.

Routine Obstetrical Care

We offer comprehensive obstetrical care to our patients, providing guidance and care at each step of her pregnancy. Our routine obstetrical care also tracks fetal growth and development and cares for patients during and after delivery.

Throughout your pregnancy, you will be seen on a regular basis for measurements, examinations, and tests to monitor your health and your baby’s growth and development. Our office is equipped with the advanced equipment and technology to perform diagnostics, testing, and ultrasonic imaging in-house, to make your appointments convenient and efficient.

As part of your care, we will discuss your delivery options concerning your preferences, and to maximize your comfort during labor. After your delivery, Infinity Medical Group will be there to care for your during the post-partum period, too. Our post-partum services include exams, birth control counseling, and emotional support.

Dr. Alqulali advises that patients who are looking to become pregnant schedule a preconception appointment to discuss how to have a healthy pregnancy and identify any medical issues that could affect the pregnancy. Pregnant patients are encouraged to schedule an appointment as soon as they know they are pregnant to be seen and learn information vital in the early pregnancy period, such as prenatal vitamin information, suggestions for a healthy diet, and the medications approved for pregnancy.

Looking for an obstetrician you can trust? Call Infinity Medical Group today at 1.888.716.0559.

High-Risk Obstetrical Care

Infinity Medical Group cares for high-risk pregnancies to protect the health of both mother and child, and ensure a healthy and uneventful pregnancy.

Women with pre-existing medical conditions, multiple births, or abnormal pregnancies have an increased risk of pregnancy complications. Women over the age of 35 years old may also be classified as high-risk patients during their pregnancy.

Health conditions that may lead to pregnancy or delivery complications include diabetes, chronic high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer, thyroid conditions, and fibroid tumors. Patients with these pre-existing conditions should communicate their complete health history to their physician as soon as possible to receive care and treatment designed with these health risks in mind.

Other conditions that increase the risk of developing pregnancy complications include gestational diabetes, preeclampsia, premature birth, and recurrent miscarriages. For these conditions, we monitor the patient frequently and use special techniques to protect the patient and baby during delivery.

Patients with previous Caesarian section surgeries may also fit the high-risk pregnancy profile and could require additional monitoring.

High-risk obstetrics patients may also require additional testing and extra ultrasound imaging throughout their pregnancy. The Infinity Medical Group provides these services in-house to patients for their convenience.

Do you have a health condition that may complicate your pregnancy? Contact Infinity Medical Group for a consultation about your needs at 1.888.716.0559.

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