What’s in Demand This Year?

This past September, plastic surgeons gathered in Chicago at the American Society of Plastic Surgeons event Plastic Surgery The Meeting 2018, an annual educational and networking event established to discuss trends in plastic surgery.

The ASPS polled 253 plastic surgeons before the event regarding what procedures are in high demand. The survey revealed that the most popular procedures are still body surgeries such as breast augmentation, tummy tucks and liposuction. These procedures usually rank in the top five most popular body procedures in the United States each year and are expected to be in the top three most in-demand body procedures next year as well.

The survey also asked providers what minimally invasive procedures are trending right now. Providers answered that botulinum toxin type A, sold under the brand names of Botox, Dysport and Xeomin, still reigned supreme as the most in-demand injectable. In 2017 alone, there were 7.2 million Botox injections performed in the U.S., representing a 2 percent increase over the previous year.

Dermal fillers were also in high demand, and survey respondents reported that non-invasive procedures are also increasing in popularity. These include laser hair removal, chemical peels, microdermabrasion and non-surgical skin tightening. Interest in non-invasive fat reduction, such as CoolSculpting, is also on the rise.

While procedures are in demand, according to the survey, they’re not for everyone. More than 60 percent of responding providers said they had advised potential patients against getting the surgery they were seeking.

Additional conversations coming out of the conference included talks about advancing both the art and science of aesthetic surgery.

Dr. Mona Alqulali, an Iowa cosmetic surgeon and OB-GYN, sees the value in these talks.

“Advancing the technology and techniques involved in facial and body procedures translates to better outcomes for patients,” she said.

Survey respondents also believe that new techniques can improve how patients are cared for and reduce complications.

The poll also revealed new consumer trends, including an increase in family members having surgery together. More than one-third of the survey participants relayed than they saw higher numbers of surgery consultations for a parent and child. Thirty-two percent of those surveyed also saw an increase in couples seeking consultations, and 24 percent said they saw more sibling pairs seeking surgery.

“It is not uncommon for one person to have a cosmetic procedure and their partner or family member to see the results of the procedure and want to have the procedure as well,” Alqulali said.

Sixty-seven percent of those who participated in the survey also mentioned that patients today are more comfortable with having procedures and talking about their experiences.

“Having facial or body procedures was long held as a taboo; you didn’t talk about it. Many people went away for procedures, and no one discussed it when he or she returned,” Alqulali said.

Social media is driving the conversation about procedures and aesthetic treatments.

“People are sharing selfies and snapshots and openly talking about their procedures and their providers,” Alqulali said.

Some individuals are even livestreaming their procedures as they happen in real time.

“There have been instances in which individuals have had surgery on camera and people on the Internet have been able to tune in, watch and ask questions,” Alqulali said.

The survey also revealed a change in how people want to look after having work done. Seventy-eight percent of patients want a more natural appearance after having a face or body surgery or minimally invasive treatment, the survey showed.

“The natural look is in; people do not want to look like they have had implants or injections,” Alqulali said.

Source: New Trends Survey Shows Plastic Surgeons Eager for Future Advances to Meet Growing Consumer Demands. 26 September 2018.

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