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There is no doubt that cosmetic surgery can be costly, but if you're putting off a procedure because of its price tag, you shouldn't. Cost is not the only thing that matters in the equation, and it should not be your first consideration in seeking out a provider. Why? Because cheap surgery may end up being expensive to fix. Find out what you should ask first and why in this blog.

What Is Your Patient Safety Rating? As we said, the price of a procedure is not the paramount concern when seeking out a provider. The first thing you should be concerned with is patient safety and your provider's training, education and experience performing the procedure you're after. Search your provider online and be sure to check any accrediting agencies that have issued the doctor's degrees or certifications.

What Kind of Anesthesia Will Be Used? Another critical question to ask is what kind of anesthesia will be used for the procedure. Some minimally invasive procedures can be performed with local anesthesia, but more invasive procedures such as breast augmentation and body-lift surgeries should be performed under general anesthesia.

What Do Other Patients Say? The questions don't stop there with safety and anesthesia; there are other questions you should ask your provider, too. One of those questions is, "Can I have a list of references?" A qualified and trustworthy provider will happily hand you a list of clients to call. Make sure you call them to find out about patient satisfaction and if that person would use the doctor again.

What Should I Expect? Asking about results is a must. This allows you to get a good idea of what you will look like after your procedure. Asking for before and after photos can also help you get an idea of the cosmetic surgeon's work and what to expect. When looking at photos, be sure to check for consistency between before and after pictures regarding lighting, background and camera distance from the patient in the picture. Ask for both front and side views.

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