Eye-Opening Insight: Blepharoplasty

Do you look tired but feel rested? Do people think you look angry all the time? Does your face look older than your age? Are you having difficulty with your peripheral vision, making driving or reading difficult? Consider these questions and take a look in the mirror. Are your eyelids drooping? If so, it may be time to talk to Dr. Alqulali about blepharoplasty.

What Is Blepharoplasty?

Blepharoplasty, also known as an eyelid-lift, is a procedure developed to improve the appearance of the eyes and eyelids.

How Does Blepharoplasty Improve Appearance?

Blepharoplasty helps to improve the appearance of the eyes by:

  • Removing sagging and loose skin around the eyelids that creates extra folds in the upper eyelids. This skin can impair vision, making driving dangerous.
  • Eliminating fatty deposits that develop on the eyelids, making them appear puffy.
  • Improving the appearance of bags underneath the eyes, which make the eyes look tired or old.
  • Reducing sagging and wrinkled skin below the lower eyelid

Blepharoplasty is commonly performed on the upper eyelids, but can also help treat issues below the eyes, too. Some patients choose to have their procedures in combination to treat both areas. Also, many patients combine their eyelid procedures with a brow-lift or other facial surgeries.

What Should You Expect After Blepharoplasty?

The eyelid-lift procedure is an outpatient surgery that takes between one and three hours depending on the amount of excess tissue and the number of treatment areas.

Dr. Alqulali performs the procedure under local anesthesia, but patients can opt for general anesthesia, too.

Recovery from blepharoplasty takes several weeks, and patients should expect some swelling, bruising and soreness after their procedure, which can be treated with over-the-counter pain relievers and cold compresses.

Dr. Alqulali also suggests that patients wear sunglasses and avoid activities that can strain or dry out the eyes for a week after their procedure, including

  • Reading
  • Screen-time activities such as staring at a computer, phone or tablet and watching television
  • Wearing contact lenses

Are you thinking about blepharoplasty? Call Infinity Medical Group today at 888-716-0559 for a consultation.


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