Health Tips for Women in Their 60s and 70s

In addition to providing high-quality obstetric care, Dr. Alqulali and the staff at Infinity Medical Group are here for all your regular health care needs, no matter what your age. We treat patients for regular gynecological care and as part of that care, we stress the importance of things like regular checkups, preventative screenings and vaccinations to protect your health at every stage, including your 60s and 70s.

Focus on Your Health in Your 60s and 70s

As you age into your 60s, it is important to continue to make (and keep!) appointments for your health screenings and your annual exams. You should continue to have Pap smear tests as a preventative measure to guard against cervical cancer. Other necessary screenings, like diabetes testing, colonoscopies and mammograms, should continue based on a schedule as suggested by Dr. Alqulali.

Staying Active as You Age

Staying active at each stage of your life will yield long-term health benefits, like reduced cholesterol and lower blood pressure. Activity can also help prevent osteoporosis, a condition that causes weak and brittle bones. Staying active will also keep your circulation moving, which can eliminate dangerous conditions like blood clots. One of the biggest benefits of staying active at any age is that you can maintain a healthy weight, which has even greater health benefits. Discuss your plans for activity and exercise with Dr. Alqulali before you begin.

And If You're Sexually Active

Although you cannot get pregnant post-menopause, there are still factors to consider when you have sex. No matter your age, if you’re sexually active, it is important to be aware of your risk of contracting a sexually transmitted disease. Discuss your risk with Dr. Alqulali and review your options to protect yourself.

Life After Menopause

While menopause is usually over by age 60, the symptoms of menopause can continue for some time after menopause ends. These symptoms include hot flashes, moodiness, irritability, insomnia, changes in hair and skin quality, and changes in your sex drive. If you did not start hormone replacement therapy during menopause, schedule an appointment to discuss it with Dr. Alqulali to see if it can help ease your symptoms after menopause.

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