Cosmetic Surgery: A Family Affair

They say the family that prays together stays together, but what about the family that has plastic surgery together?

A Texas mother and daughter recently made the news when they decided to get cosmetic surgery at the same time.

A Family Affair

Pamela Blinco and her 19-year-old daughter, Brycen, chose to go under the knife together to treat problem areas that did not respond to diet or exercise. Both women say that despite being fit, they had areas of problem fat that would not budge.

Brycen also opted to undergo rhinoplasty to fix damage to her nose that did not heal correctly and interfered with breathing after she broke it during a softball game.

The elder Blinco chose a breast implant procedure to correct sagging breasts and lost volume after breastfeeding three children.

The women both visited a cosmetic surgeon in San Antonio.

The fact the mother-daughter pair was undergoing the procedures together was not the only reason they made the news: Their surgeries were also broadcast live over social media. During the broadcast, the surgeon answered questions about the surgery and recovery from viewers watching on Facebook.

Pamela went first, and her husband and Brycen watched while the surgeon performed the implant procedure. After her mother’s breast implant procedure, liposuction and abdominal sculpting were complete, the younger Blinco entered the operating room. Her rhinoplasty surgery was the first procedure, followed by light liposuction and abdominal sculpting. Brycen’s surgery was also live-streamed over the Internet.

Getting Social During Surgery

The mother and daughter are not the first plastic surgery patients to stream their surgical procedures over social media.

In August, Fort Worth, Texas, beauty blogger Ashley Devonna Jones showed her breast augmentation procedure on YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.

When asked why she broadcast her procedures over the Internet, Jones said she chose to do so because she had "nothing to hide."

"Social media has a significant impact on the increasing rate of cosmetic and aesthetic procedures," said Dr. Mona Alqulali, M.D., F.A.C.O.G, Ph.D.

Alqulali is a Clinton, Iowa, OB-GYN. In addition to providing obstetric and gynecological care, Alqulali also practices cosmetic surgery.

"Many women come in looking for aesthetic and surgical procedures because they like how their friends' procedures turned out, or they saw something on social media that prompted them to see if a procedure would work for a perceived flaw they want to fix," Alqulali said.

Procedures for Seniors on the Rise

It's not just moms and daughters getting into the act. Grandmothers are now also opting for cosmetic surgery and aesthetic procedures.

The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery reports that procedures for individuals over the age of 65 are on the rise and that many men and women in their 50s and 60s are seeking out cosmetic surgeons.

Statistics from the ASAPS report a 1,263 percent increase in procedures for individuals 65 and older over the last 20 years.

The most popular choices for this demographic include minimally invasive procedures such as Botox and other injectables. These procedures increased by 93 percent in the last five years.

"Minimally invasive procedures are increasing in popularity across all demographics because of their quick recovery times and near-instant results," Alqulali said.

Although minimally invasive procedures are popular with those over 65, seniors aren’t shying away from surgeries.

Surgical procedures for the group have increased by 58 percent over the last five years. One popular procedure is the "Grandma Makeover."

Like the "Mommy Makeover," the "Grandma Makeover" is a collection of cosmetic surgical procedures done during one fell swoop. The combination includes a tummy tuck, abdominal etching, liposuction and a Brazilian butt lift.



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