Skin Woes from the Workplace?

Is your work wrecking your skin? Think about it - cold air blasting from the air conditioning during the summer, heat cranked up high in the winter, hunching over a computer or tablet all day, and not to mention stress! The workplace can be a source of skin irritation, but before you quit your job, call Dr. Alqulali to save your skin.

How Can the Workplace Affect Your Skin?

Problem 1: Temperature. Is your office sweltering in the winter and very cold in the summer? If so, you are probably suffering some skin dehydration caused by the extremes needed to keep your office or workplace comfortable. Temperature extremes indoors can be as irritating to the skin as they are outside, which leaves your skin feeling dry and tight. Solution: Moisturize, moisturize and moisturize some more. Don't forget your hands, too!

Problem 2: Slouching. Slouching or slumping into poor posture is not at all uncommon - office chairs are rarely comfortable, no matter how many promises of ergonomic design their manufacturers claim. Slouching over your computer, tablet or smartphone can cause the development of "tech neck," or wrinkles and lines that form along the neck because your chin is continuously tucked into your chest. Solution: Sit up straight and keep your phone at eye level when checking messages or scrolling Facebook (on your break, of course!).

Problem 3: Germs. How often do you clean your office phone? Your keyboard? How about the handle on the communal coffee pot? We're not trying to freak you out, but all of these things collect germs and grime and grossness that can clog your pores and make you break out. Solution: Wipe down your phone and other office essentials regularly, wash your hands and try to avoid touching your face.

Problem 4: Stress. Stress can negatively affect your health, and it can adversely affect your skin, too. Stress can mean less oxygen to your skin cells, leaving your skin looking tired. Stress can also take you off your skin-cleaning routine, which can lead to more breakouts. Solution: Find something that can help reduce your workplace stress. Yoga, relaxing music or even a quick walk around the office can help lower your stress levels.

How to Battle Office Skin Problems

You can beat bad skin. Start with a good daily skin care routine with quality products. Don't forget moisturizers, and look for products that contain the things your skin needs, such as hyaluronic acid and vitamin A. Be sure to add sunscreen to your regular routine, too. Prolonged exposure to the sun can cause a breakdown in collagen and elastin, leaving you with wrinkles.

You can also call Infinity Medical for one of our med spa and skin-rejuvenation treatments. Give us a call today at 888-716-0559 to schedule now!



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